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MariJ Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

The Company is comprised of a diversified portfolio of medical marijuana products, services, technology, and businesses solely focused on the medical marijuana cannabis and hemp industries.

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MariJ Hemp Seed Oil & Argan Shampoo 12oz

Product Code: Marij001
Availability: 4999


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Our shampoo base contains a luxurious blend of organic Argan seed oil, Hemp seed oil and botanical extracts which are perfect for all hair types, including damaged or color treated hair. Human hair does not produce essential fatty acids naturally on its own.

Argan and Hemp seed oil, rich in fatty acids, maximize your hair’s optimal health, while improving your hair’s look and feel. Argan Oil is rich (80 %) in unsaturated fatty acids Omega 3, 6 & 9. These fatty acids provide a direct source of essential nutritional components for hair’s pores and roots, strengthening the protein bonding structures, increasing hair growth, strength and repairing split ends.

Argan oil penetrates into the hair pores or shafts and enhances the elasticity of hair, while also locking in moisture and adding shine and luster to hair. Argan seed oil also helps to hydrate the hair and decrease the curliness and roughness of hair. Hemp Oil adds emollience and shine to hair; without a flat, greasy after-feel.

The high concentration of essential fatty acids (omega 3 & 6) found in Hemp Oil, offers needed strength for the scalp and hair shaft. Hemp seed oil has also been proven to help in developing keratin which is essential in building stronger and healthier hair.

12oz bottle

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