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Mr. Richard K. Pertile has more than 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and the developer of
entrepreneurs. He is the founder of R.K. Pertile and Associates, and Pertile Family Foundation, Inc., a privately held company devoted to generating revenue for the American Diabetes Association. R.K. Pertile and Associates are devoted to serving independent sales professionals who work with small business owners and individuals to identify and provide specific solutions for their healthcare protection needs. Richard built his business model on the premise of treating sales professionals as valued customers who in turn serve the end customers. Most notably, Richard focuses on helping individuals accomplish their dreams by helping their customers protect theirs.

Coming up through the ranks Richard earned an insurance license and becoming an independent Sales
Representative selling health insurance to the self-employed and Small Business Owners. While contracted with Cornerstone Marketing of America, a subsidiary of UICI. He was promoted to Regional Sales Manager, Area Sales Manager, National Recruiting Director and finally to Executive Vice-President. Richard was also very involved in taking UICI to public market.

At Cornerstone Marketing of America, Richard realized his passion and ability to mentor and lead high performing sales teams and individuals. Richard credits his success to focusing on relationships, providing personal attention during an individual’s troubled time, and creating unmatched originality in his rewards and recognition programs. During the 14 years that Richard was contracted with Cornerstone America, they achieved year-over-year compounded growth of 30% and had more than $1 billion in sales by the year-end 2003. Richard helped grow the sales organization from several to over 8,000 independent contractors in 40 states.

Richard left Cornerstone America to semi-retire in May of 2004. He began doing charity work for the local schools and youth football including coaching and press box announcing. He took the time with His wife Debbie to get more involved in the community donating both time and money to different local charities and events, while spending time with his two growing boys, then 13 and 9 years old.

In October 2006 he was contacted by Mr. Peter Nauert with an opportunity to build a new Insurance Agency called Independent Producers of America. After turning down $250,000 employee salary and expense account he decided to work for straight commission as President and Chief Marketing officer building “IPA”. Mr. Nauert became ill with cancer in July 2007 and passed away in September 2007. Richard then made a decision to continue to build and run IPA with his personal funds and to keep the company growing. In January 2008 Richard approached a public company “American Independent Corporation” to acquire 51% interest in the company. In April 2008 the partnership was formed and IPA became a public company. In March 2010 Richard decided to go into retirement once again.

Richard since then took the time to spend with his family, travel and once again getting involved with charity work with the latest being the Juvenile Protective Services Program of Florida serving troubled, minor children. He installed a complete work out facility, recording studio, several plasma TV’s and did several weeks of maintenance all at his expense. Working around this type of environment has once again provided a new passion to help and serve others.

In 2014, Richard came out of retirement once again because he saw an opportunity to help children and adults with medical conditions through the use of medical marijuana. He partnered up with his business partner and formed JR Cannabis Industries, LLC and MariJ Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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Mr. Wm. Scott Stevenson grew up in Southfield, Michigan. He later moved to Salt Lake City Utah where he attended the University of Utah and graduated with a bachelor of science degree in teaching and coaching. His entire career has been one of sales and marketing and recruiting. He has trained thousands of sales reps over a 30 year career with four different companies.

They are;
Barnes Business College, Denver CO. He recruited and placed students at this private business college. During his third year as an admissions representative, he earned #1 recruiter.

Florida Career Institute in Fort Meyers, FL. Scott worked as the admissions director. He succeeded in increasing enrollment over 25 percent in a 2 yr. period.

Cornerstone Marketing of America, a marketing arm for a national insurance company, based in Dallas TX. Scott began as an independent contractor with Cornerstone by providing health insurance and life benefits to small business owners. In 1992 Scott received the company award for the highest persistency rate of 97 percent client retention nationwide. He was later promoted to District Sales Leader where he was responsible for hiring new sales reps, managing and motivating the current work force, as well as field training. In 1994 Scott was one of the top 10 District Sales Mangers out of over 200 districts in the nation. In 1995 he advanced to Division Sales Manager overseeing 5 Districts located along the west coast of FL. While holding the Division Sales Manager position he maintained a status of top 10 annual volume sales as a group from 1995-2001. At this point in his career the company promoted him to Area Sales Manager of the east coast of the United States. In 2006 Scott's Area was the #1 team in annual volume sales in the company. Throughout his 9 years as an Area Sales Manager, he kept his team's numbers among the top 3 in the country.

He attended and was certified as a Zig Ziglar Motivational speaker.

Coastal Consulting Services in Clearwater, FL. Trained, recruited and built a large field force of independent contractors to obtain BP Gas Co. claims from those businesses that were financially impacted by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Scott has built healthy and strong communicative relationships, both personally and professionally. He prides himself in being a dependable and positive team member. He is quick to take action on behalf of the customer. Scott's strengths are in motivating, leading, and training. His strength in networking over the duration of his career has allowed him the privilege of gathering valuable investors for two start up companies. Most recently he has spent his time investing in new companies that have embraced highly innovative technologies. Scott's interests have always been in finding the latest growing and thriving companies. He is a VERY competitive person and loves to achieve success for BOTH himself and others!

Although Scott has lived in six different states during his career, he now resides in central Florida with his wife Sharla and their three children.

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Ms. Kim Edwards was born and raised in the Boston area where Kim currently has a huge family presence. Kim’s family moved to Sarasota, Florida where she graduated from Riverview High School. After graduation, Kim moved back to Boston to pursue a career in banking. Kim’s banking career turned into an investment career and Kim found herself back in Florida. Kim was offered a position in Resource and Financial Management.

Kim managed advisory services for an independent financial firm, while assisting in the identification and implementation of financial management strategies to capture cost improvement opportunities, while impacting bottom line profits. It was during this time that Kim married her husband of now 25 years, and they have been blessed with three beautiful children. Kim’s goal for her children, and everyone she meets, is to live in a more compassionate, sensible world. During Kim’s time home, she was allowed the privilege to follow her strong beliefs in natural living. Kim has always believed in a natural, holistic lifestyle.

Living with the earth instead of against it. Kim’s beliefs in natural medicines to support the body to help heal itself led her on a very sacred path across the world. Kim went to massage school and has been a Reiki Master for over 22 years. During this time, Kim had been researching the marijuana culture and the beginnings of the marijuana policy reform movement that was slowly happening around our country. In the meantime, Kim opened, owned and operated retail businesses in Florida. Kim’s innovative, enthusiastic and versatile professional offerings in retail buying, procurement and retail merchandising led her to embrace the hemp industry. Kim formulated strategic strategies and techniques, while implementing growth tactics to support organizational profitability. Kim demonstrated success in developing and leading strategic branding and product initiatives to achieve short and long term financial goals to enhance brand positioning. Kim has exceptional negotiation, collaboration and communication skills. Understanding the customer to envision, interpret and execute creative, emotionally compelling , trend right assortment thru product design and development.

Kim has shown equally strong performance in new business development, growth and diversification. Once again, Kim found herself ready to take on a corporate challenge, it was time to grow!  Kim was offered and Kim accepted the position of Director with a marketing and healthcare organization.  Kim’s commitment to developing a strong framework for this regulated environment, by creating excellent customer experiences and utilizing integrated marketing. Kim’s current position with MariJ Agriculutral, Inc. is to expand and advocate for fundamental freedoms to medicate or consume cannabis medicine, and to bring a more holistic, compassionate touch to everyone that may benefit from a perfectly created plant, medical cannabis.

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Scott M. Pertile is the proud owner of a company he has developed over the past 24 years, Equipment Doctors Inc. of St. Petersburg, Fl. Through hard work, studies and education he has become a gas certified technician earning his Liquefied Petroleum Gas License and currently is the President of the company.

Scott has decided that after 24 years it was time to diversify and add another career to his resume. He expanded out to acquire the education necessary to become an Extraction Technician and a Heavy Equipment Truck CDL Licensee beginning a new career. One of Scott's greatest accomplishments, besides raising a family of four children, four grandchildren and support of his wonderful wife, Lisa has been his successful creation and operation of his business.

Scott is a dedicated citizen and has always strived by remembering the last 4 letters of American..."I Can".

Scott currently resides in St. Petersburg, Florida and can be reached at

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Scott attended military school as a young man. Scott then studied Criminal Justice at Hillsborough Community College.

Upon graduating, Scott pursued Security, Armed Security, Weapons Retention, and Non-Lethal Defensive Weapons at the S-2 Institute. Scott is an active member of several weapons clubs, with a love of firearms.

Scott is married and has two sons; one is a junior in college studying Culinary Arts with plans to open his own Five Star restaurant, the other is a junior in high school whom is planning on attending college with ambitions of a carrier in Law Enforcement.

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William Osler A. Abbott is an honorably discharged ARMY veteran that has served his county as a Quartermaster for the Nuclear Biological and Chemical Corps. Afterwards he continued his passion for adventure by becoming a certified commercial diver and performed underwater welding and ships husbandry in various ports on six of the seven continents of the world.

Later he became a USCG licensed boat captain with towing endorsement serving the Tampa bay area. His newest accomplishment is becoming a certified super critical fluid extraction specialist.

William’s family comes from a long line of medical professionals that have been proponents for use and legalization of cannabinoids for medicinal purposes. He is excited to bring this passion for organic medicine to his current position at MariJ Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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