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The Company is comprised of a diversified portfolio of medical marijuana products, services, technology, and businesses solely focused on the medical marijuana cannabis and hemp industries.

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MariJ Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is vested in the medical cannabis and industrial hemp and industrial hemp markets.
The Company is comprised of a diversified portfolio of medical cannabis and industrial hemp products, services, technology, and businesses solely focused on the medical cannabis and industrial hemp cannabis and hemp industries.
These products range from patented and proprietary based cannabinoid products to seed and stalk or isolated high value extracts specifically manufactured and formulated for the pharmaceutical and bio-product industries.

MariJ Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is HIPAA compliant.

MariJ Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is committed to the delivery of safe and effective low-THC cannabis medicine products to patients and consumers, a fundamental element of our Company’s Purpose and Mission.

To meet this commitment, MariJ Pharmaceuticals, Inc. maintains a quality-focused culture to ensure the highest priority is placed on the safety, and reliability of our products, the safety of our patients and consumers, and interactions with our stakeholders.

MariJ Pharmaceuticals, Inc. leaders are committed to maintaining a quality culture with appropriate systems and processes in place to drive quality-focused behaviors and ensure decision making based on what is best for our product quality, patient and consumer safety, and protection of our reputation and business.

As part of MariJ Pharmaceuticals, Inc. commitment to quality:

·        MariJ Pharmaceuticals, Inc. business is conducted with quality regulations, codes and standards;
·        Leaders are accountable to ensure procedures are in place that adequately define the expectations for work that supports, or directly affects, product quality, product registration and/or data that supports product quality and patient or consumer safety.
·        All employees have the appropriate education, training, skills and experience to carry out their work competently.
·        Records, documentation and data are managed in accordance with applicable regulations.

MariJ Pharmaceuticals, Inc. performance is monitored and regularly reviewed to ensure our standards of conduct meet our high expectations of quality for our patients, customers, and stakeholders.
The use of low-THC medical cannabis medications is intermediated by a number of experts, including doctors. Patients depend on these intermediaries to make the right choices in medicines, with the goal of the best health outcome. Patients should similarly be informed about treatment choices so they are better equipped to engage in discussions with their doctors and know how to use products safely and effectively.

We are very committed to promoting our products responsibly and reporting about our business practices in a fashion that promotes transparency. MariJ Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ensures our communication and marketing approach upholds to the highest standards.

Ensuring Ethical Business Behavior

Our policy is based on the principles of maintaining ethics and compassion, building greater transparency and partnering to facilitate each person’s wellbeing and optimum health outcomes.

The following are established operating norms:
·        All customer meetings and MariJ Agriculural, Inc. hosted educational and promotional meetings must focus on education and avoid the appearance of being anything other than educational in purpose.
·        Medical communications must be accurate and rigorous; MariJ Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Employees and staff are prohibited from promoting off-label use of medicines.
·        Marketing activities must convey full and substantiated information about low –THC cannabis medicine.
·        Confidential patient data in MariJ Agriculutral, Inc. care must be safeguarded against misuse or inappropriate disclosure.
·        Sales representatives must ensure that no items of significant value are offered as an inducement to use, purchase or recommend a product.

In all cases, MariJ Pharmaceuticals, Inc. operations must comply with local laws and all applicable U.S. laws

Direct-to-Consumer Advertising

Responsible consumer advertising has proven value in helping patients engage in more informed conversations with their healthcare providers, leading to better health outcomes. We follow strict internal standards that have been developed to ensure the information we share with consumers is: (1) scientifically sound; (2) balanced; (3) easy to understand; and (4) helpful in encouraging people to consult with a health care professional. We continue to examine our internal protocols to ensure our standards keep pace with industry standards, guidance, law and regulation.
The Board of Directors (the "Board") of MariJ Pharmaceuticals, Inc.. (the "Company") has adopted the following Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the "Code ") for directors of the Company.  This Code is intended to focus the Board and each director on areas of ethical risk; provide guidance to directors to help them recognize and deal with ethical issues; provide mechanisms to report unethical conduct; and help foster a culture of honesty and accountability. 
Each director must comply with the letter and spirit of this Code.
No code or policy can anticipate every situation that may arise, or replace the thoughtful behavior of an ethical director.  Directors are encouraged to bring questions about particular circumstances that may implicate one or more of the provisions of this Code to the attention of the Chairman of the Corporate Governance Committee.
Directors must avoid any conflicts of interest between the director and the Company. Any situation that involves, or may reasonably be expected to involve, a conflict of interest with the Company, should be disclosed promptly to the Chairman of the Corporate Governance Committee. A "conflict of interest" can occur when:
o   A director's personal interest is adverse to – or may appear to be adverse to – the interests of the Company as a whole.
o   A director, or a member of his or her immediate family as defined by the New York Stock Exchange1 receives improper personal benefits as a result of his or her position as a director of the Company.
Some of the more common conflicts which directors should avoid are listed below:
c.      Relationship of Company with third-parties. Directors may not receive a personal benefit from a person or firm that is seeking to do business or to retain business with the Company. A director shall recues him or herself from any Company Board decision involving another firm or company with which the director is affiliated.
d.     Compensation from non-Company sources. Directors may not accept compensation (in any form) for services performed for the Company from any source other than the Company.
e.      Gifts. Directors may not offer, give or receive gifts or other items of value from persons or entities who deal or seek to deal with the Company in those cases where any such gift has the purpose or effect of influencing (or could be perceived as influencing) the directors’ actions as members of the Board, or where acceptance of the gifts could create the appearance of a conflict of interest.
f.       Personal use of Company assets. Directors may not use Company assets, labor or information for personal use unless approved by the Chairman of the Corporate Governance Committee or as part of a compensation or expense reimbursement program available to all directors.
Directors are prohibited from:
.        Taking for themselves or companies with which they are affiliated opportunities that are discovered through the use of Company property, Company information or position as a director;
a.      Using the Company's property or information for personal gain; or
b.     Competing with the Company for business opportunities. However, if the Company's disinterested directors determine that the Company will not pursue an opportunity that relates to the Company's business, a director may then do so.
Directors must maintain the confidentiality of information entrusted to them by the Company and any other confidential information about the Company that comes to them, from whatever source, in their capacity as a director, except when disclosure is authorized or legally mandated. For purposes of this Code, "confidential information" includes all non-public information relating to the Company.
Directors should promote ethical behavior and take steps to ensure the Company:
.        Encourages employees to talk to supervisors, managers and other appropriate personnel when in doubt about the best course of action in a particular situation.
a.      Encourages employees to report violations of laws, rules, regulations or the Company's Code of Conduct to appropriate personnel; and
b.     Informs employees that the Company will not allow retaliation for reports made in good faith.
Directors should communicate any suspected violations of this Code promptly to the Chairman of the Audit Committee. Violations will be investigated by the Board of Directors or by persons designated by the Board, and appropriate action will be taken in the event of any violations of the Code.
Any waiver of this Code may be made only by the Board of Directors or a Committee of the Board and must be promptly disclosed to the Company’s shareholders.

The first and foremost responsibility of each employee at MariJ Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is to abide by the company's policies on business conduct. Each employee must comply not only with the letter of these policies, but also with their spirit.

Our policies on business conduct are reviewed annually to ensure they meet or exceed evolving legal standards and social expectations. Colleagues receive the MariJ Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Policies on Business Conduct upon hire.

MariJ Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a drug free work environment.
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